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Atlanta iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair

Need a diagnostic to determine if you need repairs for your iPhone? Come on in and have a professional look at it for you.

Tablet and iPad Repair

Tablet Repair

If you have a tablet, and you’re on our site, you probably have a broken screen. We handle many more issues though. Come on in.

Atlanta Smartphone Repair


So many smartphones, so many dumb problems. Not to worry, we can get you back up and operational fast!

Atlanta iPod Repair

iPod Repair

Wish you could figure what your iPod repair is going to cost? Come in and we will tell you. That simple.

Cell Phone Repair in Atlanta


So we still call these things cellphones. No matter what we call them, they have become our lifeline, and we can repair yours.

Atlanta Mac Repair

Mac Repair

From Mac Hard drive replacements to LCD replacement and anything between, we can fix your Mac mini, laptop or desktop computer.

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Atlanta Cell Phone Repair in a Flash!

You can schedule an appointment, mail in your device, or just walk in and count on LifeLine to have the fastest turn-around time for cell phone repairs in Atlanta. Walk in customers will find that many of our phone and tablet repair services take less than twenty minutes once we have diagnosed the problem. Some of our mail in tablet and cell phone repair services can be accomplished overnight, using First-Class mail. We know you can’t go long without your LifeLine, so we operate fast.

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120 Day Warranty on Atlanta Cell Phone Repairs

LifeLine offers a 120 day warranty on all labor, and a 90 day parts warranty. We’ve checked around, and it’s the best guarantee in our industry! If you have any problems with your device after we have serviced it, please contact us. In addition to our top warranty, we work hard to develop great customer relationships. A full refund may be issued for your cell phone repair if your problem is not corrected in a timely manner.

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Real Customer Service in Atlanta

Go ahead and call us at 404-343-2252 Mon. - Sat. 10am to 7pm EST, and Sundays 12-5pm. Talk with an actual LifeLine associate to expedite your tablet, iPod, or cell phone repair process. Schedule an appointment, follow up with any issues, check the status of your device, or just talk.

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We Fix Your Cell Phone or it's Free!

You just don’t see offers like this these days. At LifeLine, we are dedicated to Atlanta cell phone repair and the repair of other devices. If you bring in a device that we service and the repair is unsuccessful, we will refund your payment. Seriously, we know you need your device fixed, not some big hassle. Find the LifeLine cell phone repair location nearest you and get your device repaired now!

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