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Blog Meta 16 / 08

LifeLine Franchises Available!

Lifeline Franchise

Cell phones and electronic devices are here to stay. People depend on them every day for both business and pleasure. Today’s fast paced world is based around staying connected. Customers are turning to LifeLine Repairs to keep their electronics in top condition. Franchise Success LifeLine is a franchise that is based on electronic repair and Read More of “LifeLine Franchises Available!”

Blog Meta 16 / 08

Computer Maintenance To Make It Last

Lifeline Computer

Most computer retailers will say that an average computer or laptop will last about two years. However, some manage to keep their computer in working condition for much longer. Here’s some tips for making your computer last. Keep it Cool Overheating causes computer components to burn. For a desktop, make sure the computer is in Read More of “Computer Maintenance To Make It Last”

Blog Meta 16 / 08

Damaged Smartphones Or Simple Solution?

Lifeline Cellphone

Cell phones and smartphones in particular are no longer minor purchases. Today, the initial purchase requires a considerable investment, while higher end products, like the latest iPhone model, may require a financing plan. In light of the costs associated with them, there’s a greater sense of responsibility in caring for these technological wonders, but, no Read More of “Damaged Smartphones Or Simple Solution?”

Blog Meta 16 / 08

Common Reasons Why Your iPhone May Need Repairs

Lifeline iPhone

The Apple iPhone is a well-engineered smartphone model, so it’s not too surprising to run into people who still have an older iPhone 3G that’s running fine and has never needed repairs of any kind, even after all those years. However, some other iPhone owners aren’t so lucky. Here are some of the top reasons Read More of “Common Reasons Why Your iPhone May Need Repairs”

Blog Meta 25 / 07

Backing Up Your iPhone

iPhone Backup

Thankfully, Apple has made backing up your iPhone a simple enough process that anyone can do it. The process of backing up all iPhones has been made into a streamlined process that is easy to follow. This begs the question of why you should back up your iPhone in the first place. Despite the general Read More of “Backing Up Your iPhone”

Blog Meta 31 / 03

All You Need to Know about Using Apple Pay on Any Apple Device

iPhone Repair Blog

Have you heard about one of the newest ways to pay using your iPhone? We’ve talked about Android Pay before, but haven’t fully unpacked everything that Apple’s mobile payment option has to offer. If you’re new to the idea or haven’t used Apple Pay before, check out this guide of everything you need to know Read More of “All You Need to Know about Using Apple Pay on Any Apple Device”

Blog Meta 24 / 03

What to Do if Your iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode

Cellphone Repair Blog

Have you ever walked away from your iPhone and then come back later to find it stuck in recovery mode? You may find some solutions to this problem, but oftentimes these are not permanent solutions, and you’ll find yourself stuck in the same situation just a few short days after you thought you fixed it Read More of “What to Do if Your iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode”

Blog Meta 18 / 03

Don’t Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen On Your Own

LifeLine Repairs Blog

Whether you purchased your iPhone yourself or you received it as a gift, there are few things that can make your heart sink as quickly as dropping it. Picking it up to discover a cracked iPhone screen can fill you with a distinct sense of dread. This often leaves you wondering how you are going to Read More of “Don’t Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen On Your Own”

Blog Meta 12 / 03

Why You May Not Be Able to Trust Your iPhone’s Battery Meter

iphone battery meter

New iPhones tout longer battery life, but many users are experiencing iPhone battery issues. That icon indicating battery power ever faithfully lasts and lasts but one day it reads 50 percent while you are on an important call and then your phone goes blank. You attempt to redial but you realize the battery is completely Read More of “Why You May Not Be Able to Trust Your iPhone’s Battery Meter”

Blog Meta 05 / 03

5 Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

dead battery

No matter how long your iPhone’s battery lasts, getting more mileage out of it is always better. After all, most of us use our iPhones for nearly everything these days: reading emails, taking photos, streaming videos, browsing, paying by Apple Pay and even actual phone calls. A dead battery can bring life to a halt, Read More of “5 Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer”