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Blog Meta 17 / 05

Considering Franchise Costs: Does a Build-Out Requirement Apply?

Franchising Entrepreneur Lifeline

Today, investors seeking to launch a business sometimes decide to purchase a franchise opportunity instead. Most franchises specialize within specific industries. These enterprises offer proven, established systems for franchisees to follow. Instead of charting completely new territory, a franchisee tailcoats on the success of entrepreneurs who have already pioneered a successful business model in a Read More of “Considering Franchise Costs: Does a Build-Out Requirement Apply?”

Blog Meta 17 / 05

An Innovative Solution For Business Managers

Laptop Repair Lifeline

Today, office computers facilitate a myriad of daily business activities. Operational services, payroll, personnel administration, marketing, and a variety of other department often utilize Information Technology around the clock. Most business managers consider these vital tools essential company assets. Perhaps it should surprise no one many companies now search for an authorized computer repair service Read More of “An Innovative Solution For Business Managers”

Blog Meta 17 / 05

Will New Tariffs Impact Cell Phone Repair Costs in the United States?

Lifeline Cellphone

News media reports concerning trade negotiations between the United States and the Peoples Republic of China attracted widespread attention this week. The Trump Administration has sought to re-negotiate a number of international trading issues with other nations, including China. The talks with China interest many people, since that nation during recent years has become a Read More of “Will New Tariffs Impact Cell Phone Repair Costs in the United States?”

Blog Meta 17 / 05

Despite a Decline in iPhone Shipments, Apple Still Dominates The U.S. Smart Phone Marketplace

iPhone Xmax

LifeLine Your Tech Team monitors the sale of mobile phones in the U.S. marketplace with considerable interest. This month, a number of headlines focused upon recently released Apple iPhone sales figures. Some reports cited rising competition from other smart phone manufacturers in the global marketplace. Although analysts debate the significance of changes in sales figure, Read More of “Despite a Decline in iPhone Shipments, Apple Still Dominates The U.S. Smart Phone Marketplace”

Blog Meta 17 / 04

Four Key Advantages of Franchises

franchise focus points

Today, entrepreneurs frequently choose to purchase franchises. They typically obtain at least four key benefits by choosing this form of enterprise activity. Just consider some of the reasons a franchise may prove appealing: One: A Franchise Supplies Ready-Made Business Systems Franchise founders have already solved a variety of common business problems. In franchising an existing Read More of “Four Key Advantages of Franchises”

Blog Meta 17 / 04

Aggressive Advertising Gimmicks Sometimes Try to Mimic Computer Problems

Computer Advertisements

LifeLine Your Tech Team wants to alert our customers to a problem encountered recently by some Internet users. Some tech support companies have employed aggressive and misleading advertisements to lure computer owners into believing they’ve encountered problems with their personal computers. These types of ads suggest customers require immediate repair services. In The News Recently Read More of “Aggressive Advertising Gimmicks Sometimes Try to Mimic Computer Problems”

Blog Meta 17 / 04

Protect Your Cell Phone Against Dangerous New Malware Threat

Android Security Patches

LifeLine Your Tech Team wants to alert customers to a new potential source of Internet connected cell phone damage: the Exodus program. Cell phones have grown more complex during recent years. The potential has increased for hackers and spyware creators to target these widely used electronic devices. The problem of malware infecting cell phones poses Read More of “Protect Your Cell Phone Against Dangerous New Malware Threat”

Blog Meta 17 / 04

Some Pros (and Cons) of Extended Warranty Care Plans For Smart Phones

Extended Warranty

Since the release of the first Internet-connected smart phone over a decade ago, high tech mobile devices have gained popularity around the world. Consumers frequently encounter problems locating warranty information rapidly. Recently implemented modifications to the beta version of the Apple iOS 12.2 iPhone may soon change this situation. Yet consumers need to remember important Read More of “Some Pros (and Cons) of Extended Warranty Care Plans For Smart Phones”

Blog Meta 28 / 03

Electronics: A Popular Franchise Category During 2019

Electronics Franchise

Today, investors sometimes search for appealing franchise opportunities. Companies have established franchises in a dazzling array of industries. Currently, some business analysts foresee a great potential for young companies in certain fields to grow and expand during 2019. The rapidly developing electronics industry generates a lot of attention. The Electronics Marketplace For example, Entrepreneur Magazine Read More of “Electronics: A Popular Franchise Category During 2019”

Blog Meta 28 / 03

Computer Batteries And Safety

Computer Battery

Lifeline Your Tech Team wants to reassure customers about the generally high quality of batteries used in laptop computers and other electronic gadgets. Recently, quite a few sensational news items have focused upon mishaps involving these products. Some well publicized recalls have also contributed to public concern. Yet consumers need to remember, these incidents represent Read More of “Computer Batteries And Safety”