With a new year comes a lot of new phone possibilities. When considering all of the different and new technologies available this year, you have to consider the wide array of options that are brand spanking new!

1. Samsung Galaxy S6
Possibly the most hyped up phone for 2015, the Galaxy S6 has been redesigned from the ground up. This updated model will include a metal body and curved edge screen. Many of the updates have been kept under wraps, but our smartphone repair team thinks that some of the rumors floating around make the S6 seem like a phone you ought to have!

2. HTC One M9
Also referred to as the Hima, the HTC One M9 will be the successor to the M8. The Hima will include a 5-inch screen equipped with a 1080p panel and 3 GB of RAM fueled by Snapdragon 810. The most noticable upgrade will be that the M9 is much thinner than its predecessor.

3. Sony Xperia Z4
When a photo of the Z4 leaked, it showed off the same design concept as the Z3, but with some nice tweaking. The phone is repellent of water and dust, is loaded with a 20.7 megapixel camera, runs on Snapdragon 810, and comes with 4GB of RAM.

4. iPhone 7/iPhone 6s
In true Apple fashion, it is rumored that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s will make their debut sometime in September. While there probably won’t be much of a difference in design, our Nashville iPhone repair pros expect speed and other upgrades to come with the launch of iOS 9.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Just like the newest iPhone, we probably won’t see the Note 5 released until September. The Note line of Samsungs has topped the charts when it comes to phablets (half phone, half tablets), and we can expect to see it remain at the top with the Note 5.

6. Nexus 6 2015
The name of the newest Nexus phone hasn’t been released, and “7” is out the door since it is a tablet. But, as far as this line goes, it’s projected to launch sometime in October or November. Many are hoping the price will reflect that of the Nexus 4 and 5 because the 6 was priced much higher.

7. OnePlus Two
Possibly Andriod’s biggest competitor is the OnePlus Two. It is rumored that the newest model will include 4 GB of space, be powered by Snapdragon 810, and include a custom ROM. Want a device the rivals an Android model but for a portion on the cost? The OnePlus Two may be the phone for you.

8. Tesco Hudl Smartphone
Following the Hudl tablet and it’s success, the Hudl smartphone will be high-end, competitive and have a price that is competitive as well. This could be the newest and biggest name in smartphones.

9. LG G4
The LG G4 is likely of the phablet variety since LG has recently launched a brand new camera with a whopping 20.7-megapixels and rivaled resolution.

10. Microsoft Lumia Flagship
Microsoft is due to launch Microsoft 10 sometime this coming fall, and with that, they are projected to launch their best smartphone ever.

Image Courtesy of: Flickr