Your worst fear just happened. You dropped your iPhone in the sink or toilet, and now you’re wondering if hundreds of dollars just turned into a pretty paperweight. Don’t give up just yet! Newer iPhones are water resistant, but not completely waterproof and older ones aren’t as durable as the newer devices. Take these steps for repair if your phone won’t turn on after taking a swim.

  1. Keep it off
    Resist the urge to turn your phone on if it powered off when it got dropped. Don’t try to manually force it to turn on. It will probably do more damage to turn it on when it’s wet than to give it some time to dry out.
  2. Remove the SIM
    Take your SIM card out as soon as you can to prevent the water from damaging that too. You might need to use a paperclip or a removal clip to get it out. Leave the tray on the back off and the slot open to air it out.
  3. Wipe the outside
    Thoroughly wipe the outside of your iPhone with a cloth and dry it off completely. Take your case off and don’t press too hard on the screen when wiping the water off to minimize damage.
  4. Store it
    Once you dry the phone off, put it somewhere that is dry to give the internal components time to dry out. Consider putting it in a window without direct sunlight or put it on a warm electronic device such as a television or computer monitor.
  5. Silica gel packets
    Silica gel packets come with food, electronics, and other items. They are very effective at absorbing water with minimal exposure to the device.
  6. Rice
    Rice also absorbs water. If you don’t have gel packets, immerse your phone in a bag or bowl of rice for at least a day to draw the water out.
  7. Hair dryer
    Another option to dry it out is to use a hair dryer. Be cautious, use the low heat setting, and keep a safe distance between the dryer and phone
  8. Take it apart
    If you’re out of options, it might be worth taking your phone apart. Be careful when dismantling it. Let it sit for a few hours to dry and put it back together.
  9. Repair shop
    If your phone doesn’t work after trying these tricks, it’s best to visit Lifeline for iPhone repair to get it back up and operation.
  10. Invest in a case
    Once you’ve got a working phone again make sure you take care of it by utilizing a well-designed waterproof case to prevent this from happening again.