If you love using your iPhone and iPad to do everything in your life, there are a number of tricks we have discovered that will blow your mind. We provide more than iPhone repair in Atlanta, we also provide great hacks to make your life easier when using the iPad or iPhone.

Apple Hacks for iPhones and iPads

  1. When typing on your iPad — There’s no reason to use a traditional keyboard when you are typing on your iPad. You can easily change your keyboard to one where you can type using just your thumbs like on your iPhone. Just swipe your fingers across the keyboard in opposite directions, and the new keyboard will pop up.
  2. Charge faster — If you need to juice up your battery in a hurry, put your phone or iPad in airplane mode and the battery will charge faster.
  3. Use child safety controls — Have you tried letting your kid use the iPad, only to continually have to navigate them back to the app they were using? When you turn on the Guided Access feature in the general accessibility settings, the iPad will stay in the app being used so you don’t have to worry about them accessing apps or making unauthorized purchases.
  4. Calculator hacks — If you are using the calculator and you add too many zeros, a swipe of the finger from left to right will remove one of the zeros.
  5. Selfies without a selfie stick — You can take selfies on your iPhone by using your earbuds. All you have to do is put your iPhone on camera mode and hit the volume + button on your earbuds. An instant selfie without having to have that weird, outstretched arm look.
  6. Turn your iPad or iPhone into a computer — All blue tooth keyboards will work with your iPhone or iPad, turning both into a computer on the go.
  7. Use the compass app to hang pictures — When you have trouble making sure something is level, open up the compass app on your iPhone or iPad. The app comes with an automatic leveler that can be used as a level in a pinch.
  8. Navigate your app quickly — It’s possible to return to the top of any app that you are using, simply by tapping the top bar. No more scrolling through with your thumb.
  9. Forget the period — When you are typing on the iPad or iPhone, you can skip typing a period and then the space bar after every sentence. Instead, simply hit the space bar twice and the period will be added in automatically.
  10. Get rid of banner notifications — To get rid of banner notifications, simply swipe right to left on your keyboard and it will disappear.
  11. Siri can be your best friend — Instead of setting an alarm manually, simply press down on the home button to access Siri and say, “Wake me up in two hours”. An alarm will automatically be set to go off after the two hours is up.
  12. Get your contractions right — When autocorrect is driving you crazy while trying to write a contraction, just add an extra letter to the end of the word and your contraction will come out perfectly.
  13. Skip songs with your earbuds — When playing music, press the play button twice to go to the next song.

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