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Blog Meta 20 / 12

New Store Opening in Jacksonville, Fla.

We are pleased to announce that we once again have expanded our Lifeline Repairs locations by opening a brand new store in Jacksonville, Fla., on November 15th. This new location of ours marks our first of hopefully many cell phone repair shops throughout the state of Florida. Our new Jacksonville store is located at 4131 Read More of “New Store Opening in Jacksonville, Fla.”

Blog Meta 18 / 12

LifeLine Repairs Now Offers iPad Air Screen Repairs

After a few months of training our technicians, we are now offering iPad Air screen repairs at each of our Jacksonville, Nashville and Atlanta Mac repair stores. One of the drawbacks to the iPad Air is that the lighter weight naturally comes with thinner glass and a thinner back. This means that the iPad Air has a screen that Read More of “LifeLine Repairs Now Offers iPad Air Screen Repairs”

Blog Meta 16 / 12

LifeLine Repairs is Giving Away a FREE iPhone 5c on FACEBOOK!

We’ve heard some laugh-out-loud, mind-blowing stories about how phones get destroyed over the years at our Atlanta phone repair locations. Now we want you to tell us your craziest story about breaking your phone by entering our iDestroy Phones Craziest Story Contest, going on now! If you have a wacky story about ruining your phone, you Read More of “LifeLine Repairs is Giving Away a FREE iPhone 5c on FACEBOOK!”

Blog Meta 12 / 12

Check Out Our LifeLine Repairs Franchise Opportunities

The smart phone and tablet computer repair industry is one of the most rapidly growing sections of the retail/service industry. LifeLine Repairs entered into the Atlanta phone repair market early with a philosophy of providing excellent service and has created a following of devoted customers. We currently have four stores open across the southeast and plan to open Read More of “Check Out Our LifeLine Repairs Franchise Opportunities”

Blog Meta 19 / 11

Does Drying Out Your Phone with Rice Really Work?

If you’ve ever accidentally had a phone or computer take a swim, you know that drying them out can be incredibly difficult. There are several little nooks and crannies that aren’t even accessible without taking the phone completely apart. The internet is widely enthusiastic about using rice to dry out the unreachable parts of your Read More of “Does Drying Out Your Phone with Rice Really Work?”

Blog Meta 19 / 11

iPhone 5s vs. 5c: Making a Tough Decision

It’s no surprise to our Atlanta phone repair gurus that the new iPhone models are both selling out in stores across the country. Both the iPhone 5s and 5c are popular phones, and each has its own unique features which make it a desirable product. Fortunately, these distinctions make a tough decision a little bit easier to Read More of “iPhone 5s vs. 5c: Making a Tough Decision”

Blog Meta 07 / 10

Apple Launches the iPhone 5s and 5c

Apple has officially launched its newest line of iPhones: the 5s and the 5c. We have been impressed with our experiences with these two new Apple offerings so far, but there are occasions when we wish greater improvements had been made. Read on to learn about our thoughts on both of the new Apple iPhones. Read More of “Apple Launches the iPhone 5s and 5c”

Blog Meta 30 / 09

Does Apple’s Fingerprint Technology Provide the Ultimate in Privacy?

Protecting the personal information on your phone requires more than keeping it by your side at all times. Apple has integrated fingerprint scanning technology on its new iPhones. Smartphones are far from an “advanced cell phone”. Most people use these devices more so for their Web-browsing and app-running capabilities than for their ability to make calls. Read More of “Does Apple’s Fingerprint Technology Provide the Ultimate in Privacy?”

Blog Meta 23 / 09

Do Megapixels Really Matter when it Comes to Camera Phones?

When buying a cell phone often one of the features that can be a deal breaker is the phone’s camera capabilities, and the megapixel count is one consideration. Most of today’s cell phones offer eight megapixel technologies. Each megapixel consists of one million pixels. It would stand to reason that the more megapixels the better Read More of “Do Megapixels Really Matter when it Comes to Camera Phones?”

Blog Meta 23 / 09

What is Near Field Communication? (NFC)

Near Field Communication is an amazing technology that is being introduced to consumers mostly through smartphones, and the buzz among Atlanta cell phone repair stores such as, Lifeline Repairs is building. The potential for this technology is broad with various exciting uses. Back in 2004, Nokia, Sony and Royal Phillips Electronics got together to explore this technology Read More of “What is Near Field Communication? (NFC)”