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Blog Meta 30 / 09

Does Apple’s Fingerprint Technology Provide the Ultimate in Privacy?

Protecting the personal information on your phone requires more than keeping it by your side at all times. Apple has integrated fingerprint scanning technology on its new iPhones. Smartphones are far from an “advanced cell phone”. Most people use these devices more so for their Web-browsing and app-running capabilities than for their ability to make calls. Read More of “Does Apple’s Fingerprint Technology Provide the Ultimate in Privacy?”

Blog Meta 23 / 09

Do Megapixels Really Matter when it Comes to Camera Phones?

When buying a cell phone often one of the features that can be a deal breaker is the phone’s camera capabilities, and the megapixel count is one consideration. Most of today’s cell phones offer eight megapixel technologies. Each megapixel consists of one million pixels. It would stand to reason that the more megapixels the better Read More of “Do Megapixels Really Matter when it Comes to Camera Phones?”

Blog Meta 23 / 09

What is Near Field Communication? (NFC)

Near Field Communication is an amazing technology that is being introduced to consumers mostly through smartphones, and the buzz among Atlanta cell phone repair stores such as, Lifeline Repairs is building. The potential for this technology is broad with various exciting uses. Back in 2004, Nokia, Sony and Royal Phillips Electronics got together to explore this technology Read More of “What is Near Field Communication? (NFC)”