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Blog Meta 30 / 12

iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Which One Is Better?

Samsung vs iPhone

Choosing the right smartphone for you can be a little tricky. Is one best-selling option really better than the other? There are a lot of big differences between the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Blog Meta 18 / 12

Tighten Up Your Gmail Security and Stop Unexpected Hackers

Gmail Security

Gmail is the most popular format for email services. Thankfully, Google specializes in being user-friendly and privacy locked. But no matter how good your security is, you may still be potential prey to hackers and scams. Luckily, our Jacksonville cell phone repair experts know a few things you can do to help protect yourself and your Read More of “Tighten Up Your Gmail Security and Stop Unexpected Hackers”

Blog Meta 09 / 12

Flic: The Multiple Functioning App for Your Phone

Flic App

Our cell phone repair technicians know that performing the same functions over and over on your phone can be a mundane hassle. You have to unlock your phone, find the icon, access what you want to do there and then you’re on your way. What if you could just push one little button to do what you Read More of “Flic: The Multiple Functioning App for Your Phone”

Blog Meta 20 / 11

The Hottest Cellphones of the 2014 Holiday Season

Hottest cellphones of 2014 by LifeLine Repairs.

Black Friday and Christmas are weeks away, and for all of us tech junkies, that means great deals on the latest and greatest smartphones. Why pay full price for the newest S5, Note 4, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus when you can save hundreds by waiting? Whether you are planning a trip to the store Read More of “The Hottest Cellphones of the 2014 Holiday Season”

Blog Meta 12 / 11

The Best Android Apps of 2014

Girl holding a Samsung Galaxy phone outside with friend.

The Android app marketplace has grown extensively since it first went live years ago, and given the long-standing emphasis on third-party development, it trumps iOS in terms of app volume. With this great quantity, it’s sometimes hard to find the highest quality apps to devote your precious storage space to. With the end of 2014 in Read More of “The Best Android Apps of 2014”

Blog Meta 05 / 11

Common Problems Associated with iPhone 5 & iOS 7

Girl in pink shirt holding iPhone 5 outside.

Despite the release iOS 8, many iPhone users still continue to use its predecessor. Whether due to the storage size of 8 or just out of pure laziness, the decision to keep 7 in tow is one that is often met with plenty of headaches. Every operating system has kinks that need to be ironed Read More of “Common Problems Associated with iPhone 5 & iOS 7”

Blog Meta 28 / 10

Steps To Decorating Your MacBook This Season

Decoration ideas for MacBook.

Apple is known for its dedication to the unique and creative side of computing, so it is no wonder that its computers attract artistic and expressive individuals. The only problem to this is that it seems like every MacBook looks exactly the same: sleek, silver and a little boring. If you want to spice up Read More of “Steps To Decorating Your MacBook This Season”

Blog Meta 20 / 10

The iPhone 6 Versus the 6 Plus

With the release of its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has created two new must-have phones for its fans. But how do these phones compare with each other? Our specialists in iPhone repair in Atlanta run down the differences between the two phones and offer advice for individuals who are torn between the models.

Blog Meta 15 / 10

At What Point Should I Upgrade My Laptop?

Silver laptop computer.

It seems like the second that you replace or upgrade your laptop, a newer, better laptop will come on the market or a sale will be announced on the model you purchased a few months later. It stings because a laptop is a sizeable investment, and you always want to have the best product for Read More of “At What Point Should I Upgrade My Laptop?”

Blog Meta 06 / 10

The Best Waterproof Phones Today

No matter how graceful you are, you’ve probably dropped your phone into the sink or toilet or spilled a drink on it. Sometimes it’s easy for our Atlanta phone repair specialists to fix a water damaged phone, but you always risk the phone getting damaged again by an accidental dunking or downpour. Fortunately, manufacturers have Read More of “The Best Waterproof Phones Today”