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Blog Meta 28 / 04

The Apple Watch: Do you Need It?

Apple iWatch

Technology is no longer a privilege of the elite, but rather an essential for the masses. With each passing year, smartphones, tablet computers, and other gadgets become more affordable and more advanced. Concepts that once existed only in sci-fi movies and James Bond flicks are now mass produced and even more versatile than their on-screen counterparts. Read More of “The Apple Watch: Do you Need It?”

Blog Meta 23 / 04

Best Fitness Apps for Your Smart Phone

Smartphone Apps

Your smartphone can help you get fit in a fun way just in time for beach season. Here are a few top fitness apps to simplify your road to a healthy lifestyle. Do not worry about losing your data if your phone is ever damaged; smartphone repair is fast and efficient with LifeLine.

Blog Meta 14 / 04

Deciphering the Sounds of my MacBook – When to Worry

Mac Repair

There are very few sounds a modern MacBook can make outside of speaker and fan noise that aren’t an indication that something is wrong. If you purchased your MacBook after late 2012, the cooling system is the only part that should make noise.