Now that the year is almost over it’s time to look at the best smartphones on the market. It’s difficult to determine what the “best” is though because each user’s needs are individual. It’s beneficial to look at the phones that are best for each task to suit your needs when shopping for your new device instead of using a cell phone repair service to fix your current device.

Best iOS and Android Phones

The top Android phone for the year is the Samsung Galaxy S8 due to its sheer size, power, and sleek display. The trend of not having a bezel appealed to consumers and also introduced water-resistance, virtual reality, and a powerful 12-megapixel camera with autofocus capabilities. Prices for the device average around $650, making it an affordable alternative to pricier handsets on the market.

If iOS is more your style, look no further than the iPhone 8 plus. It has wireless charging and dual cameras similar to the iPhone X, without the $1,000 expensive price point. It includes a Touch ID home button and security options to make it a more affordable alternative than the flagship iPhone X. Spending $800 is a bit easier on your pocket than dropping a grand, making the iPhone 8 Plus a more practical option.

Best $500 phone

If the idea of spending more than $500 for a phone is out of the question, the OnePlus 5T is a sigh of relief. It comes with the Qualcomm 835 chip, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a nifty headphone jack. It also has a 6-inch screen, offering the same benefits of more well-known devices without the price tag.

Budget device

Budgets don’t always stretch to $500, making the hunt for a budget device worth looking into. The award for the best device under $250 goes to the Moto G5 Plus, which runs for $230. It runs a nearly-stock version of Android with a microSD slot, fingerprint scanner, and multi-carrier functionality.

Best Productivity Device

The best device for functionality and productivity is the Galaxy Note 8. It has a large 6.3-inch display and an included stylus. It’s convenient for writing notes or drawing and includes the well-known and reputable Knox security platform to give IT professionals confidence in its performance and system.

There are other great phones on the market, but one or more issues can prevent them from making the list. Keep your eyes out for what the next year will bring.