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Blog Meta 28 / 09

Top Three Trends Driving Franchise Growth

Own Franchise

Corporations aren’t the only thriving businesses in the United States. Franchises make up a significantly different and successful percent of companies. Though franchises have been through their ups and downs in the past, now is an excellent time to invest in a franchise as the market is thriving. The International Franchises Association estimates that more Read More of “Top Three Trends Driving Franchise Growth”

Blog Meta 28 / 09

Protecting your Computer From Risks, Hacks, Malware, and Trojans

Lifeline Repairs Chicago

As a computer owner, never discount the importance of dedicated antivirus protection to reduce the need for computer repair. Even the most cautious individuals can accidentally click a link in an e-mail or visit a site with malicious ads. While antivirus software doesn’t protect from every single threat imaginable, it is an excellent resource to Read More of “Protecting your Computer From Risks, Hacks, Malware, and Trojans”

Blog Meta 28 / 09

Why You Absolutely Can’t Go Without a Screen Protector

Broken iPhone 5

If you’ve ever purchased an electronic device, you’ve probably know what a screen protector is. When you visit a cell phone repair shop or big box store that specializes in selling electronics, you might hear terms such as plastic or tempered glass. Now ask yourself, do you know the difference? Comparing Tempered Glass v. Plastic Read More of “Why You Absolutely Can’t Go Without a Screen Protector”

Blog Meta 28 / 09

Apple Might Fix Your iPhone 8 for Free

Cell Phone Repair, Computer Repair, iPhone Repair

There’s some potentially good news on the horizon for iPhone 8 users who might be experiencing problems with their device. It’s not going to be as simple as submitting a request for a replacement phone. The recall, initiated by Apple, only impacts a tiny number of iPhone devices on the market. The problem exists on Read More of “Apple Might Fix Your iPhone 8 for Free”