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Three Statistics Testify to The Immense Popularity of Franchising in The United States


Today, franchising has become one of the most widely accepted forms of business ownership in the world. This activity currently provides a popular way for investors to seek steady streams of revenue from businesses in the United States. This brief article highlights three important statistics showcasing the appeal of franchising in the modern era. One: Read More of “Three Statistics Testify to The Immense Popularity of Franchising in The United States”

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Three Leading Computer Repair Industry Organizations


Today, people employed in demanding fields sometimes possess relatively little detailed information about other occupations outside of their own areas of expertise. Rapid advances in technology leave many consumers puzzled about specific Information Technology industry qualifications and designations, for example. This lack of information sometimes places a customer at a disadvantage in obtaining knowledgeable computer Read More of “Three Leading Computer Repair Industry Organizations”

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Cell Phone Repair: A Partial Solution For Electronic Waste?

smartphone tablet repair

Today, vital social and environmental issues inform public debates involving the electronics industry. Lifeline Your Tech Team endeavors to help inform customers about some of these pressing concerns. One of the most important relates to the topic of electronic waste. Just like noise pollution a few decades ago, this subject has only recently begun attracting Read More of “Cell Phone Repair: A Partial Solution For Electronic Waste?”

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Five Useful Tips For Recovering a Lost iPhone

New 2015 Phones

Most people rely extensively upon their smartphones on a daily basis. Lifeline Your Tech Team appreciates the importance attached to mobile devices today. This brief article provides five tips for recovering a missing iPhone. Don’t Panic. Remember, virtually everyone misplaces an important item at some time. By remaining calm, you’ll optimize your chance of retrieving Read More of “Five Useful Tips For Recovering a Lost iPhone”