Google recently announced their plans to distribute their first tablet manufactured without the support of a third party tech company. The tablet will be known as the Pixel C, with the ‘C’ standing for convertible. Google is attempting to push its android tablets into the hybrid laptop/tablet arena by offering a separate Bluetooth keyboard for sale with the Pixel C that also acts as a dock. This news has many tech fans buzzing, and we’re sure to learn much more before the tablet’s official release later in the fall.

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A Look at the Chromebook Pixel C

The keyboard

Tablets featuring an attachable keyboard aren’t exactly brand new. After all, Microsoft first made a splash in the tablet market with its Surface which can incorporate a keyboard cover. However, Google plans to up the game with the new keyboard for the Pixel C. The powerful keyboard’s battery connects to the Pixel C via Bluetooth, and it is expected to last up to two months on a single charge. The keyboard is such an ingrained part of the Pixel C experience that when the tablet is closed onto it, the device will resemble a regular laptop. While the keyboard will be sold separately from the Pixel C tablet, it will only cost $149 and deliver much needed additional functionality for many users.

The power of Android Marshmallow

While many proponents of Microsoft’s tablets will praise the Surface for its keyboard and Windows user-interface, Microsoft’s mobile OS and apps are still lagging behind Android. Android is now the standard mobile OS on millions of devices, and Google has used this reach to create a fluid and responsive operating system that is home to an incredibly diverse array of mobile apps. As has historically been the case with Google’s native Nexus phones, Pixel C users are likely to be among the first to get Android’s precious software updates, as the tablet will become the platform’s flagship device.

Powerful specs

Apple recently unveiled a new tablet themselves: the iPad Pro, which is designed to target power users and designers who need a little more from their tablet than the average user. Google also wants to show the power users how the Pixel C can be a workhorse, and they have outfitted the hybrid tablet with specs that demonstrate this. In addition to the dynamic keyboard, the Pixel C will come standard with 3 GB of RAM, 2560-by-1800 resolution touchscreen, and a Maxwell-based GPU.

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