Cell phones are an expensive necessity. Sure, they are a dime a dozen these days and you can get pretty good deals by buying used models online or from your local classifieds, but most people prefer smartphones, which are pricey!

The sale of Androids and iPhones have reached never-before-seen highs, and this upward trend is hardly expected to slow down anytime soon. As cool as those nifty digital features are, they do not come without big costs. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for one of the newest models.

Your investment could be washed down the drain (literally in some cases), if you are not careful, however, every year thousands of mobile phones and devices are dropped, crushed or sat on. Despite how careful you may be and even if you have an insurance protection plan on your phone, accidents happen. Here is how to minimize damage and keep your device safe at all times. Avoid paying for Atlanta phone repair by being careful.

Ways to Protect Your Mobile

A durable cover or case is one of the best investments you can make for your phone. Spending the money on a high-quality product (think Otterbox and other similar brands) will be well worth it, as they are very effective at absorbing shock damage and shielding the delicate casing and screen from blows.

The key to cell phone protection is adequate cushioning. Some cases are capable of preventing damage from drops upward of six to seven feet, and others still are waterproof.

Moisture and electronics are not meant to mix, but in the event that something does happen, you should immediately place your device in a bowl of rice. This trick generally only works with phones with removable batteries. In any event, leaving yours in the bowl for at least 12 hours may be enough for digital reincarnation! The rice will naturally absorb the water and may stop the damage, saving you from paying for Atlanta iPhone repair or an entirely new phone.

Know where you phone is at all times and always hold it with a firm grip when using it. The No. 1 cause of damage is due to accidental drops, so pay attention next time! The Atlanta phone repair pros at Lifeline are here standing by if you need assistance.