It’s wonderful to spend time during the holiday season with friends and family, but if you have to travel to get there, it can be a really stressful time. Instead of dealing with traffic, parking delays and other travel-related headaches, check out some of our favorite apps that make traveling easier and the holiday time a lot less stressful.

5 of the Best Travel Apps


If you’ve ever traveled during the November and December months, you know how busy airports can be under normal situations. Add a holiday and the airports turn into madhouses. Instead of getting lost in a sea of people, check out GateGuru. GateGuru is an app that shows you all of the available amenities at the airport you’re traveling to/from. It also shows you where the restaurant or shop is located so you’ll know if you can make it there and back to your gate in time. Get it on the Play Store, the App Store, or the Windows Store.

Hotel Tonight

What do you do when you get to your grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving, only to discover that your cousin has decided to make a last minute visit and take up the last bedroom? Grab your phone and browse Hotel Tonight, where you’ll find a list of all hotels in the area with immediate availability. Get the app for your Android, iPhone or Windows phone.


Trying to navigate around an unfamiliar city is a daunting task, especially when the roadways are filled with holiday traffic. Instead, allow Uber’s simple location-based service to find a nearby driver for you. If you’re new to the service, it’s easy to find free ride promotions online. Also, if you’re traveling abroad, you never have to worry about having enough foreign currency to pay for your ride since the app is always linked to your credit card. Uber works across all platforms and you can even get free rides by recommending it to your friends and family!


Evernote is an extremely user-friendly note taking app that is perfect for jotting down any important info you’ll need during your travels. It can hold offline copies of emails and other important documents, and you can sync your notes across various devices. Don’t write your travel information on a piece of paper that you’ll probably lose — instead, keep it in a safe place with Evernote, available for Android and iPhones.


Despite the fact that all-in-one travel search sites have exploded in recent years, Kayak is still one of the best options when you need to search for a flight, hotel, or rental car across a variety of companies. Search results are displayed quickly and in an easy-to-read manner, and you can customize your results with dozens of different configurations using the filters. Search on Kayak from your Android, Apple device, Windows phone or Kindle device.

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