Everyone wants more battery life out of their phone. It’s inconvenient to always be on the lookout for an outlet or to keep a spare charging pack on hand. You might be shocked to learn that many of the facts you’ve heard about your iPhone battery are myths. Take a look at these five common misconceptions users are tricked into believing about iPhone batteries.

  1. Overnight charging fries the batterySome people think that leaving your phone plugged in while you get a bit of shut-eye overnight hurts the battery and eventually requires iPhone repair. This might have been the case a decade ago, but batteries currently are rated by how many times you can charge them before you experience problems. Modern software on iPhones utilize power management to ensure your phone only draws as much current as it needs to charge.
  2. Disabling features like Bluetooth or Wi-fi always saves batteryCurrent Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies do not utilize power when they’re not currently in use, which negates the purpose of disabling them. Any related devices, such as your Apple Watch, will drain faster or not work at all without a Bluetooth connection. Wi-Fi actually uses less battery life than data, so it’s preferable to utilize it whenever possible.
  3. Auto brightness adjustment drains the batteryApple claims that adjusting the brightness on your screen manually is less effective than allowing the phone to manage it. If you have a preference for a dimmer screen, you can conserve life by manually turning your brightness down through the Control Center, but you might have trouble seeing if you forget to turn it back up. Turn on Auto-Brightness by navigating to “Settings,” and then tap on “General.” Under “Accessibility, tap “Auto-Brightness” to enable the feature and let your phone handle lighting concerns.
  4. Closing idle apps reduces battery consumptionIt might be second nature now to press your home button twice to see the carousel, and then start swiping up to close all the apps out. Apple executives stated that this practice doesn’t save battery and apps should only be force closed when they are unresponsive. It can use more battery to re-open the app if you unnecessarily force close it.
  5. $29 battery replacements always workWhen iPhone users discovered that phone performance was throttled if a battery was weak, Apple came out and offered $29 replacements. The fix only works if your battery was underperforming because it had less than 80 percent of its orgiinal capacity.