Skipping number nine altogether, Microsoft promises that Windows 10 will be released sometime this year. The release date will probably be announced at Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference in April, but technical previews are already available to anyone who signs up for the free Windows Insider program.

Tech journalists are already enthused. The editors at CNET declared that “it may just be everything that Windows 8 should have been.” Here are five reasons why PC users are already getting excited about this new operating system:

1. One Operating System to Rule Them All

A device-specific interface allows Windows 10 to scale effortlessly from computer to tablet to phone. As Microsoft continues building Windows 10 for phones, it is promising universal apps that move seamlessly between devices. Furthermore, the Xbox Live experience will also become portable, which means it will be able to be live-streamed to the PC from the Xbox One console.

2. Windows 10 Will Be Free for a Year for Many Users

Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users will receive Windows 10 as a free upgrade, as will Windows Phone 8.1 users. The release date for Windows 10 for phones has not been announced, although a technical build is currently available for six Lumia phone models. Furthermore, Microsoft promises that support for Windows 10 will be offered throughout the entire lifetime of any device. It’s not yet clear what the costs of Windows 10 will be after the introductory year.

3. The New Hybrid Start Screen Will Please Everyone

Windows 8 reimagined the start screen with the “live tiles” format that was based on touchscreen devices. For computer users with keyboards and mice, this was not a popular feature. In Windows 10, Microsoft retained and improved this arrangement, but it has also restored a traditional start screen, accessible by pressing the Start button.

4. Users Can Talk to Cortana

Window’s answer to Siri and Google Now, Cortana is the female-voiced virtual assistant who will arrive like a patient little passenger in every Windows 10 package. Once this feature is turned on, Cortana can be summoned by voice command and will respond to natural language queries by producing search results, weather information, airline flight updates and more.

5. Work And Play Can Be Separated with Virtual Desktop

The virtual desktop feature offered by Windows 10 means a user can wall off one aspect of their computer use onto an isolated digital island. Moving between desktops is as easy as clicking the Ctrl + Windows keys. Furthermore, from the Task view the user can drag an open app to whichever desktop is desired.

With the roll out of Windows 10, Microsoft is envisioning a future in which the same interface follows the user between devices of all kinds. Windows 10 is presented as a service that will “harmonize” the user’s experience as they move through their digital day.

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