Working collaboratively has become super simple with the introduction of production tools and programs from tons of different suppliers. One of the most widely-used cloud-based collaborative options is Google Drive. If you work in Excel but find yourself traveling often or needing to amend your spreadsheets on the go, consider using Google Sheets as well. Google Sheets has come a long way since its release in 2014, and we’re sure it will only continue to improve. Check out some of the cool features that come with Google Sheets.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Google Sheets Mobile

  1. Google Sheets recently had updates. An intuitive keyboard now exists where if text happens in a cell then the alphabetic keyboard appears and if numbers happen in a cell the numeric keyboard appears. Different types of cell phones have differing functions since it is not all standardized yet. If your phone does not have a finer feature it will.
  2. Google sheets will autofill with repeat information or even finish a pattern. This makes data entry more simple than it was before.
  3. The mobile version of Google Sheets allows for personalization. For example, Mapping Sheets lets you customize Google Maps and plot trips. You can make your own add-ons for Google sheets. Learn a bit of HTML, CSS.
  4. Google sheets has TOC (table of contents) Usually table of contents are associated with Google Docs but with big data the new wave having a TOC with a spreadsheet with links makes it easier to search data or add to it.
  5. Fine tuning data is easier than ever with the addition of conditional formatting. Click “format” after selecting a range of cells and then select “conditional formatting”. This allows you to build a set of rules specific to your needs for formatting. You can now change color, date, specific bolds and italics.

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