One of the most crucial parts of choosing a cell phone plan is how fast your data is and how much you can use during your billing cycle. The future looks bright with the introduction of 5G networks, which are expected to debut in 2019 and allow you to use as much data as you need for your daily tasks and focus on technology giants taking advantage of the speed.

5G networks are something worth getting excited about. Cell phone providers are expanding coverages and ensuring that more individuals can get the voice, text and data service they need as more customers consume limited resources. Currently, phones must compete with each other in crowded areas such as buses, large buildings, and urban centers to get the best signal and speeds.

Analysts, including Dan Bieler from Forrester, believe that once 5G makes its debut that the amount of bandwidth available will ensure everyone has access to unlimited high-speed data. The speed will allow users to upload faster, but instead of focusing only on speeds, 5G networks are expanding their capacity. It won’t be as much of an issue to stream a video or upload the latest photos you took at the same time.

Instead of focusing on the fact that your phone isn’t operating as well as it should and you might need to look into cell phone repair, you can look to the future for the fifth-generation or 5G connection to give you added reliability. 5G has the potential to expand on home technologies, but it also promises to be on mobile networks just as fast as it hits homes because mobile networks are the future. Development has already started as Qualcomm has begun testing the 5G chips in a controlled setting.

5G was originally not planned to be released until 2020, but demand has motivated developers to get the technology out faster. Another issue 5G aims to tackle is interference with the signals due to external forces such as trees, buildings, or your own body. 5G is estimated to send and receive messages 50 times faster than current 4G technology. The shift in technologies is sure to revolutionize the market for broadband and other high-speed devices. Implementation of 5G is going to come with some growing pains, but the potential it holds for future technology and development are looking very promising right now for market leaders and developers.