Everyone knows the struggle that is slow and lagging internet when you get one too many apps and devices all vying for the same bandwidth. This holiday season, be ready for the Wi-Fi rush and use these tips to make sure your internet speeds don’t slow down.

6 Tips for Keeping Your WiFi Fast This Holiday Season

  1. Make sure your technology is up-to-date. While you certainly don’t need the newest routers that are on the market, you’ll get better internet speeds from having a router and modem that are relatively new.
  2. Don’t hide your router. Routers aren’t the most beautiful of appliances, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t stow it away in a corner or on a shelf. Routers send the internet signal out like a phone tower, so make sure that you put it in a place where the signal can easily spread throughout your living space. This means you’ll want to avoid putting it in the attic or in the basement. Additionally, try to keep it off the floor so that it can spread the signal effectively.
  3. Operate on the right channel. There are multiple channels that your Wi-Fi can run on, but not all channels are equal. You may find yourself sharing a channel with multiple neighbors and the lines get clogged. To keep your internet moving quickly, make sure you’re running on the right channel. You can check by using an app like WiFi Stumbler to find the best channel to connect to.
  4. Make sure your password is set. Don’t let your neighbors steal your Wi-Fi because you haven’t set up your password. Check out this article from WikiHow if you don’t know how to set up or change your Wi-Fi password.
  5. Tune your router to regularly reboot. By setting a timer for your router to reboot itself regularly, you ensure that it is running optimally at all times. Just like how your laptop needs to be restarted in order to work quickly and work well, your router will work better if you give it a chance to reboot. Generally, you’d aim for once a day, probably when you’re sleeping. You can do this with a regular outlet timer.
  6. Control your bandwidth-hogging apps. Activities like video chat, streaming videos and playing online games can eat up your bandwidth and slow down your connection considerably. You can get services like Quality of Service to prioritize the applications for you to make sure that your most important apps and actions are getting the bandwidth they need.

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