Android phones are a fantastic invention that can make anyone’s life easier. That being said, what do you do with your old phone after you’ve upgraded, moved on to a different model or after it no longer makes calls? Here are seven ideas that can help you get your old phone up and running again in a new capacity.

Clever Ways to Re-Use Your Old Android Phone

  1. Recipe Book– Many people have migrated from the world of paper cook books to digital recipes, and a wonderful use for an old android phone is a digital cook book. This will allow you to store and access your recipes with the touch of a button.
  2. Music Storage or MP3 Player– Do you have a phone that has tons of tunes on it? Use it as an MP3 player and as a storage device for your music. Most phones can be connected to your car stereo, making it a great place to store your music without making your primary phone crowded.
  3. Wireless Keyboard– This is a wonderful way to use your old phone if you have a computer that is starting to have trouble. Most cellphones can be connected to laptops and other devices and can be used as an input method for these devices. Think of it as a way to get a little bit more life out of your dying electronics.
  4. Photo Frame– Everyone remembers the digital photo frame craze and how wonderful it was. These frames, however, have a much lower resolution than the screen of your android phone. This means that you can use your old android as a digital picture frame for displaying your favorite pics.
  5. Digital Clock/Calendar/Datebook– Everyone knows how important it is to have a clock on hand. Your old android is a fantastic clock that can be set up on your desk or work station to provide you quick access to the time and to the calendar as well. You can also keep appointments in it as a digital datebook.
  6. Game Phone For Kids– If you have kids that love technology, an old phone can be a great way to distract the kiddos and protect your new device from damage and wear. This can keep you from needing Peachtree City Samsung repair in the long run.
  7. Donating– you can also help others by donating your device to those that need it or as recycling which can help the environment and those around you.

If you’re not ready to get a new phone yet but your phone is damaged, you can always look to LifeLine for Peachtree City Samsung or Android repair to get your old phone up and working again. Bring your device in and let our technicians perform a free diagnostic test to pinpoint the exact problem. Our repairs are backed by a 120 day warranty, so you know you’re receiving quality repair work on your Android or Samsung device.

Image courtesy of: Shutterstock