Apple is trying to improve parental controls on their devices to curb how long and how youngsters and teenagers use their devices. Until Apple implements these controls, there are ways that you can restrict access and have some level of control over your child’s device. Access “settings,” navigate to “restrictions,” and tap “enable restrictions.” You’ll need to enter a four digit pass code to prevent unauthorized changes.

Restrict Content

Scroll down to “Allowed content” to prevent your child from buying TV-MA or R-rated shows or movies. It’s also possible to choose custom content ratings for books, apps, and even podcasts.


This section allows you to see what apps have access to location services. You can also modify if your child can make changes to permissions of certain apps. Don’t forget to look at apps with access to photos and restrict anything you haven’t heard of or if it seems suspicious, which can indicate apps that might require cell phone repair.

Disable specific apps

Tap “allow” for apps you want your child to have access to. You might not want them to use the Internet browser, which requires disabling Safari. You can also set limitations such as blocking access to the camera, restricting installing apps, or making purchases inside accessible applications.

Disable changes

Scroll down and you’ll see the ability to disable the option to make changes to apps. Don’t forget to enable “Do not disturb while driving” if your child is of driving age to prevent them from texting or using their device behind the wheel.


Under the family sharing setting, check “location sharing.” This allows you to locate where your child is, if they have their phone, or help find it if they happen to lose it.

Game center

Multiplayer gaming can be fun, but it’s also likely to lead to poor sportsmanship or foul language. This lets your child play games, but not in an online environment. Implement further restrictions by disabling the option to add friends.

Restrict buying

Add your child to Family Sharing to control, view, or disable app store purchases. You can also share app purchases with the rest of your family. You will need to create an account for any child under 13, and you’ll receive a notification to approve or deny your child’s request to make a purchase in the app store.