The much-anticipated Apple Music has finally been unveiled! Users concerned with pricing don’t have to worry as it offers a free three-month trial period, so you can decide whether it’s the right streaming music service for you. The service is available for iPads/iPhones running on the latest version of iOS and Macs/PCs that have the most recent version of iTunes. Here are some great features of Apple music you ought to try out.

Apple Music Features to Try Today

1. Choose your favorite genres and artists.

Head over to the accounts section and choose ‘Artists for you’ in the top left corner. You will be greeted with bubbles with the names of the different artists. To choose your artist, tap on the bubble or double-tap your favorite artists. For genres that you don’t like, press and hold to get rid of them.

2. Check out Apple Music’s recommendations.

This feature is listed under ‘For you’ and is based on your selected genre and artists. Apple Music understands that you may not always remember all your favorite songs, and this list is a good way to keep your playlist fresh. You may find a few forgotten treasures in here.

3. Connect with your favorite artists.

Get to know what your favorite artists are up to by following them. You automatically follow the artists that you selected before but Apple Music gives you the chance to connect with more. This will give you an updated view of the artist’s feeds, videos and photos.

4. Listen to the songs in your library.

It’s not all about streaming with Apple Music; the service also lets you access songs in your library by tapping on the ‘My music’ icon. Here, you can access all the songs you have in your playlists and any new song that you may have downloaded.

5. Save some tracks for later.

This is one feature you will appreciate when you cannot access internet and stream. Save your favorite songs for later by choosing to make them available offline.

6. Create a radio station.

Proving just how cool Apple Music is, it lets you create your very own radio station. If you are listening to a track and you want something similar, just click on the ellipses in the bottom right corner and choose ‘Start Radio’. Apple music will queue up similar songs that you may like. This is a great way to explore more music and find new favorites.

7. Add curated playlists to your music

Apple Music ensures its users are always taken care of by providing a wide variety of playlists. Click on the ‘plus’ icon to add the playlist to your music library.

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