With the introduction of Apple Music from the most recognizable tech brand in the world, to artists banding together to form the groundbreaking Tidal, 2015 has emerged as the year of the subscription streaming music wars. Whichever platform appeals to you the most, don’t forget to take your broken mobile device to LifeLine, the leader in Jacksonville iPhone repair who will have you singing along with your headphones again in no time.


With its massive artist library and elegant user interface, Spotify has long been a power player in the streaming music service realm. The easy-to-navigate mobile app, which is available on all of the most popular platforms, allows Premium subscribers to save music for offline listening and easily integrate playlists. While some artists have recently taken issue with Spotify and removed their albums from the service, the company still boasts a robust catalog that will satisfy fans of any genre. To make sure your device is in peak condition for your listening pleasure, consult LifeLine, the gurus of iPhone repair in Jacksonville.


Launched by a group of artists who wanted to take control over the distribution of their music, Tidal made a big splash earlier this year by positioning itself as the streaming service for true music connoisseurs. One of the hallmarks of Tidal has been its inclusion of high-fidelity lossless audio tracks, featuring a quality of audio that other streaming services can only dream of. While the audio is top-notch, some critics have complained that the learning curve on using the app is a bit steeper than with others. Access to the lossless HiFi music is also on the pricey side, coming in at $19.99 per month.

Apple Music

To Android and Windows phone users this does not apply, but if you’re an Apple acolyte you may want to try this newest entrant into the streaming music mix. Apple Music is offering a very generous three-month free trial of the service, and the app and software are backed by Apple’s incredible infrastructure and service. Don’t let a shattered screen stop you from enjoying tunes; LifeLine in Jacksonville offers a professional iPhone 6 plus screen replacement in no time. Stop by today for a free estimate.

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