As a company furnishing skilled iPhone repair services, LifeLine Your Tech Team monitors important trends and innovations impacting this popular brand of smartphone. One issue of concern to many iPhone owners recently involves the use of mobile technology during pandemics. Smartphones today sometimes help alert the public to the need to self-isolate after exposure to the Novel Coronavirus (also known as “COVID-19”).

In this respect, the iPhone and other Internet connected mobile devices hold great promise. These tools may assist public health authorities during emergencies. However, at this preliminary stage, the public also likely should refrain from developing a false sense of security. Using your iPhone’s COVID-19 Exposure Logging feature alone won’t necessarily protect your loved ones from exposure to the virus.

Activating The COVID-19 Exposure Logging Feature

Now iPhone owners who receive software updates can use a special logging feature to help trace COVID-19 exposure. You can access this new capability in four steps:

  • 1. Find the Settings Menu;
  • 2. Select “privacy”;
  • 3. Select “health” to see the new “COVID-19 Exposure Logging” feature;
  • 4. Turn on the option, then download a contact tracing app.

The logging feature tracks your movements. It relies upon voluntary compliance. You’ll only know if you’ve come into contact with someone infected with COVID-19 if a contagious person activates the logging feature on their own mobile device, too. Potentially, large numbers of phone owners might not choose to share this personal health information.

Serious Drawbacks

Perhaps the most significant problem with the use of the COVID-19 Exposure Logging feature relates to under-reporting. The recent pandemic has spread rapidly. People do not necessarily always know when they’ve been exposed to the virus. Individuals who contract COVID-19 become most infectious during a two-day period before symptoms appear.

Does this mean the exposure logging feature won’t offer assistance? Not necessarily. This technology still may prove very helpful in alerting numerous people to the need to self-quarantine. Reportedly, researchers at Ohio State University presently continue working on developing an official health department app for use with the iPhone’s COVID-19 Exposure Logging feature.

It remains important to combat the Pandemic’s spread. Consider your state’s health department recommendations. In many places today, practicing social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks helps safeguard the health of everyone!