For years, tech and business experts have predicted the decline of BlackBerry, pointing to the company’s failure to improve upon past successes. Thanks to its recent partnership with Android, these predictions may prove false.

BlackBerry’s History of Smartphone Sales

BlackBerry is currently suffering from a lack of consumer interest in its products, which has cost the company billions of dollars during the past three years. The company has to sell five million smartphones a year to make a profit, yet it sold less than a million last year. Unless it could find a way to boost sales, it seemed likely that the company would continue to lose money.

By contrast, Google’s Android software is doing quite well. It is currently tied with iOS as the most used operating system in the world, and shows signs that it will soon overtake its competitor. BlackBerry seems to have taken notice of this, and is hoping to provide its users access to the Android platform in order to move back towards being profitable.

AT&T Partners With BlackBerry

After two years of collaboration with Android, BlackBerry has unveiled the Priv, a $700 smartphone that is the first of its kind not to run on the BlackBerry software. The new phone addresses previous consumer complaints, namely that BlackBerry devices did not offer enough apps for convenient use. Android’s operating system allows users more options than any previous BlackBerry phone did, which gives it the potential to transform the company’s popular image.

Android and BlackBerry have enlisted the aid of mobile service providers to promote their joint product. AT&T has agreed to market the Priv throughout the United States. BlackBerry hopes to convince consumers that the Priv is a convenient, efficient device and that BlackBerry is a flexible and innovative company.

BlackBerry Priv Features

The Priv has access to over a million apps, which is more than four times the number of apps you could access with the most recent BlackBerry device. The phone’s features also include:

  • noise cancellation
  • wireless battery charging
  • GPS
  • MP4 player
  • 32 GB of internal memory
  • up to 200 GB of external memory

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