Apple has officially launched its newest line of iPhones: the 5s and the 5c. We have been impressed with our experiences with these two new Apple offerings so far, but there are occasions when we wish greater improvements had been made. Read on to learn about our thoughts on both of the new Apple iPhones.


As the first smartphone with full 64-bit support and a capacitive fingerprint sensor, the iPhone 5s is a true innovation that holds true with its marketing slogan of “forward-thinking.” Fingerprint scanners in smartphones have proven unreliable in the past, but Apple’s clever implementation of its scanner has made it far more reliable and relatively easy to use. Apple’s Touch ID is intended to add an extra layer of protection and make unlocking the phone and purchasing iTunes content quicker.

Outside of its fingerprint sensor, the iPhone 5s has looked to the future for a few other features. The phone’s overall performance has been boosted to make it notably faster than its predecessor. Its camera has improved over the one used in the 5 (and currently used in the 5c). Apple has also designed the 5s to operate beautifully with iOS7, the long-anticipated update to the iOS platform.

We have to say that “forward-thinking” does not apply so much to the physical appearance of the 5s, which looks remarkably similar to the iPhone 5. It comes in three colors: gold, silver, and gray, and the fingerprint sensor changes the appearance of the home button slightly. These changes aren’t nearly as eye-catching as the bright colors of the 5c, but we believe there is certainly a place for a more subtle phone in the iPhone aesthetic.


The iPhone 5c has almost identical technical specs to the now-discontinued iPhone 5, and it functionally replaces the 5 in Apple’s lineup. The 5c is Apple’s first foray into offering the public a mid-line iPhone: it is priced a solid $100 cheaper than the 5s with contract, which would have been the pricing for the 5 were it not discontinued.

The 5c does have small improvements over the 5, including having been designed for use with iOS7, an improved front-facing camera, and support for more LTE bands. However, its most noticeable improvement is its coloring. The 5c comes in your choice of one of five bright colors with six different case coloring options. Apple is marketing the 5c almost entirely on its color availability, claiming that it is “for the colorful.”