Some disturbing information supplied on the Apple iPhone X website recently has alarmed owners of the latest generation of this iconic mobile device. The manufacturer reportedly issued a warning concerning the possible failure of the touchscreen in certain situations. This message did not elaborate about the basis for this issue, which some sources surmise potentially impacts all Apple iPhone X units on the marketplace today. Previously, warning related only to a reportedly “small percentage” of iPhones.

Potentially Impacted Apple iPhone Models

The display issue involving the Apple iPhone X touchscreen reportedly offers one silver lining: device owners identify this problem easily. The manufacturer has promised it will furnish repair services free of charge either directly or through authorized service agents. This assistance should bring greater peace of mind to owners of this expensive and in-demand device.

A controversy arose recently when media sources revealed Apple has decided to refrain from releasing sales figures on several of its brands. The impacted mobile technology in this category includes three very popular phones:

  • The Apple iPhone XS
  • The Apple iPhone XS Max
  • The Apple iPhone XR

Expensive Repair Services And Free Upgrades

Manufacturer repair services under most circumstances proves expensive. Most iPhone owners appreciate the availability of free repairs for the latest touchscreen display problem. Apple has indicated when providing this service, the company will also perform an iOS software upgrade for customers.

On the other hand, damage to the screen or other iPhone X components potentially renders free repairs and upgrades ineffective. While customers readily detect the touchscreen problem, they cannot obtain effective free repairs if their iPhones possess other issues requiring service attention. This fact places a responsibility upon customers hoping for free manufacturer repairs and upgrades to maintain their devices in good condition. The current announcement means hardware issues sometimes impact several popular iPhone models:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8

When You Need Repair Services

Do you own a mobile device requiring repair services? The latest iPhone information from the manufacturer suggests a damaged screen renders some Apple iPhone X repairs ineffective. Resolve these types of performance issues in advance quickly, before seeking manufacturer-supplied repair measures or software upgrades. Simply contact LifeLine Your Tech Team now at for fast, experienced assistance!