According to Turkish blog Elma Dergisi, Apple executives including vice president for education John Couch met with Turkish president Abdullah Gul to discuss several matters. Primarily the meeting was focused on discussion about Turkey’s so called “tablet initiative”. The initiative is a 4.5 billion dollar program to provide as many as 15 million tablets; well let’s just call it iPads, to Turkish school children.

A point to note is that the deal has not been struck just yet though Apple has been pushing towards it, certainly the meeting with the president will help the upcoming negotiations. Furthermore Apple has been making a significant push in Turkey, one for launching the iTunes store for music and movies in December, and two hiring for future retail stores in the country. Seems like Apple is building up an infrastructure for pending “invasion”.

If Cupertino giant strikes the deal this would enable the company not only to take advantage of a country with 75 million potential customers, but also open doors in the region. On its last official call Apple said it is planning to open 30 to 35 stores within 12 months and 75 percent of those would be located outside the United States.

According to job listings it shows that at least two of the new stores will be located in Brazil and of course Turkey. It is a pretty good market entrance strategy if you could guarantee 15 million unit sales with one handshake. However the deal turns out Apple is on the offensive abroad and looks like they are off to a good start.