Data consumption is something all mobile users need to keep track of on a regular basis. Even with an unlimited plan, you may end up with significantly throttled speeds that make it impossible to stream videos or download essential files if you go over your high-speed cap. If you’re on a plan with a set data limit, you might face steep overage charges or a need to upgrade your data plan to one with a higher data usage cap. Take a proactive approach and monitor how much data each of your apps are using.

Apple’s latest versions of iOS 12 (public beta 3 and developer beta 4) aims to help users keep their data use under control. Apple switched the way that they list apps from alphabetically to listing them according to the amount of app usage. The listing also shows how much data each app has used since it was installed, making it easier to pinpoint apps that consume the most data. You can also reset the data meter at any time to have a fresh start, or you’ll get a fresh start if you end up needing to seek out iPhone repair that requires a reset on your device.

A wise idea is to reset app usage when your billing cycle ends. If you keep hitting your data cap or are looking for ways to cut back on data consumption, utilizing this feature can help you discover ways to cut back. You might end up uninstalling apps that are consuming excessive data or determine certain apps use more of your limited data than you anticipated. Android users have had access to this feature on their devices for some time now.

Navigate to “Cellular” under the “Settings” to access the information. Scroll down, and you’ll see a heading titled “Cellular Data.” You will only see the option if you’ve updated your iPhone to one of the iOS 12 beta versions recently released. If Apple does find that the feature is beneficial, you can expect to see it in the official iOS 12 release, which is slated for release later this year. The feature is yet another tool to help you monitor and maximize your high-speed data usage for when you need it.