There’s no question that with each generation, our smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter. However, our Atlanta iPhone repair technicians do wonder how far these advances will go and how quickly we can expect real innovation. 2013 saw a notable leap with the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner, but what’s next?

It looks like Google might be presenting us with the next great advancement in smartphone tech via visual spatial awareness. The company’s Project Tango is looking to improve our smartphones’ brainpower to the point where they can actually see their surroundings and understand them.

It might sound like science fiction for a smartphone to be able to be visually aware of its surroundings, but our Atlanta cell phone repair specialists believe that our existing technology is not far off from this exciting development. Apple and Qualcomm have both been working on components that could eventually offer a similar result — but, as usual, Google is at the forefront of innovation.

The use implications of our phones having visual spatial awareness can seem as far-fetched as the technology itself. If your phone can understand its surroundings, it will be able to do things we currently are unable to do like offer users personal assistants who can pull up apps based on interactions occurring at a location or create game interfaces that directly interact with the environment at which you are pointing the phone.

Our Atlanta iPad repair experts caution that Google will also use this “all-seeing eye” to provide it with invaluable data sources. Constant input and awareness of that input will allow smartphones to report back to Google with extensive information about the world around us, allowing Google to further its Maps project, to gain more information about news and world events instantaneously, and, of course, to learn about our everyday lives in order to target ads to our needs and wants just as Google has always done.