Thankfully, Apple has made backing up your iPhone a simple enough process that anyone can do it. The process of backing up all iPhones has been made into a streamlined process that is easy to follow. This begs the question of why you should back up your iPhone in the first place. Despite the general strength of iPhone products, accidents do happen, so it’s important to acknowledge and take steps to prevent the possibility of losing all that precious data that your phone holds. For many people, their iPhone holds images, videos, music, and other precious data that a backup will keep safe in the unfortunate case that your phone does get damaged.

The Five Easy Steps of Data Backup

The first step is to make sure your phone is connected to a reliable WiFi network before proceeding. Next, go to your settings and click where it says the word “iCloud”. Click on the word “Backup” and then click on the words “Back Up Now”. In order to double check that it has finished backing up, click on “Settings”, “iCloud”, “Storage”, and “Manage Storage” in that order. At this point, simply select your device. This will tell you whether or not your data has been successfully backed up.

Why is Backing Up Your Phone Necessary

All it takes is a simple process of backing up to ensure your data will be safe in the case of an emergency. When you choose to back up all of your data to the iCloud, you’re basically making a copy of all of the information on your phone to a hard drive that is located externally. The cloud is a safe space for your data to be saved, in case your physical device encounters any water, physical, or electronic damage due to a personal accident or the natural elements. As long as you have the log in information, you can always access your important information using any other device.

Once you’ve successfully set up the backup, your data will be immediately synced to the iCloud and will continue to sync any updated data for as long as you’re backing everything up. This constant sync will ensure that anything new you choose to add to your phone will also be saved in case you lose access to your iPhone and have to use that data while you have your iPhone repaired. Since you can access your data from any device, you can use your computer or another phone and no one else can access your info but you.

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