The Android app marketplace has grown extensively since it first went live years ago, and given the long-standing emphasis on third-party development, it trumps iOS in terms of app volume. With this great quantity, it’s sometimes hard to find the highest quality apps to devote your precious storage space to. With the end of 2014 in sight and the release of hot commodities like the Galaxy S5 and Note 4, the Atlanta phone repair experts at LifeLine want to highlight these exceptional apps that stand out among the Android crowd.

This Year’s Best Android Apps

Being able to check the forecast on the go is awesome. With BBC Weather, you can have your very own meteorologist right in your pocket. There are definitely more than enough of these apps to go around, but BBC continues to impress us with its slew of digital widgets, extended forecasts, Geo-location settings and super user-friendly interface. Plus, this app is free.

Oust your standard email app and download Mailbox. It is dual compatible with iCloud and Gmail and presents users with a SMS-style platform for managing their inbox. Simply swipe to delete, transfer and save emails. Intuitive and loaded with features, checking your email has never been easier.

For all of you news junkies or for people who prefer to get snippets of the world’s current affairs, Yahoo News Digest is worth a look. When on the go, you probably do not have time to delve into page-long stories, which is why the developers of this app make it choose the top 10 stories of the day for your convenience. A few minutes spent browsing this app is enough to keep anyone well-informed.

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