Your smartphone can help you get fit in a fun way just in time for beach season. Here are a few top fitness apps to simplify your road to a healthy lifestyle. Do not worry about losing your data if your phone is ever damaged; smartphone repair is fast and efficient with LifeLine.

  1. Runtastic is a health and fitness app with a community backing so you can implement a layer of social media into your workout, which really helps keep yourself accountable. Signing up and starting is easy and fast, and actually seeing your mileage and time makes competing with yourself almost addictive. Don’t worry though, LifeLine can fix any broken or damaged device so if something happens to your phone while you’re on a run, you won’t have to take time off from your exercise routine.
  2. Zombies, Run! 3 will turn your workout into a real life survival game complete with custom playlists and storylines. You can implement your own workout music in the mix, and yes there can be a winner. For the gamer at heart who would like to be more fit, this app can be used while running, jogging, walking, and even in the gym on a treadmill.
  3. Myfitnesspal helps you keep accurate data when it comes to calories consumed and burned. The ease of use is one of the main perks when it comes to reviews for this comprehensive app. There are over 5 million foods to choose from in the database so guessing calories is not needed, just type in the food each time, and record workouts to see the balance. You can also log your calories burned in order to calculate your net calories for the day.
  4. Pocket Yoga is ideal for those who want to get fit by trying the calming, muscle-toning route of yoga. Yoga is a great strength training exercise for beginners and pros alike. Setting aside time for one session each day in addition to your daily workout or alone will only be beneficial to overall health. This app is easy to use and customizable.
  5. FitRadio is a great app to try if music gets you more amped than any trainer or video could. Instead of wasting time trying to build the perfect playlist, FitRadio does the hard work for you. Instead of flipping through your smartphone, you can enjoy beats that keep the same steady rhythm throughout, so you don’t need to worry about stopping your workout to skip through songs.

Do not let a damaged or broken smartphone halt your weight loss progress. Fast and affordable smartphone repair is available for less than you may think with LifeLine Smartphone & Tablet Repair. LifeLine knows how important and integrated your phone is in your daily life, so we do our best to get your device fixed as soon as possible.
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Image courtesy of: Pixabay