As we try to keep up with our resolutions, consider extending your goals beyond your personal habits to include your digital habits as well. We live in a society where it’s perfectly acceptable to snap pictures all day every day, which makes keeping these images organized somewhat daunting. What’s the point of taking photos if you can’t ever go back and find the ones you’re looking for? Use these tips for keeping your digital photos organized.

5 Ways to Better Organize Your Digital Photos

Set the Date Correctly on All Your Devices

When you set your date correctly on your devices, you will be able to auto-sort your images later using the time stamp. It won’t matter which device you use if you have them all set to the same date and time. This way, you can create a timeline of all of the photos you have taken in a day, week, month or years. If the time stamp doesn’t work on your device, contact LifeLine Repairs to see if the problem can be fixed.

Start Hitting Your Delete Button

You don’t need 100 pictures of your kid blowing out candles. A few images will capture the moment just fine. Delete any images that are blurry, or that are too similar to one another before you even download them onto your computer. Many people have trouble deleting photos, but try to remember that it is quality, not quantity when it comes to capturing memories.

Download Everything to Your Computer

Gather all of your memory cards and devices, and get all of your images into one place on your computer. Once all your photos are downloaded, you are ready to begin organizing your images chronologically and by event. This is done using software that either comes with your computer or a third party product you have purchased.

Organize Your Images Chronologically

Once you have all of your images loaded, you can organize them by date and time. This enables you to find the start and end of different occasions that you took pictures at. Once you find the images that mark the beginning and end of an event, simply select all the images in between, create a folder and transfer all the pictures.

Label Your Event Folder Clearly

Simply labeling an event folder “Party” isn’t going to do an avid photographer any good. Choose a lead photo that will be the display for the event folder. You will be able to scroll through your folders quickly and find the event images you are searching for.

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