This becomes a very important question in the seconds after you dropped your phone in water. The answer is, sometimes. Cell phones, just as many other electronic devices do not take well to water. But what you do in the minutes after your phone is exposed to water can make the difference in its survival. Lifeline Repairs, your local professionals in cell phone repair in Atlanta, has some advice that may save your phone.

Step 1
Remove it from the water as soon as possible; this can make a huge difference in whether your phone will ever work again. Warning: If your phone is connected to a charger and plugged in DO NOT reach in and take it out of the water.

Step 2
Dry the exterior of your phone off and then take it apart and remove the battery. Take out your SIM card and any memory cards as well as disconnect it from any peripherals such as headphones. Dry all components with a dry, soft cloth. Remove as much moisture as possible. Try not to tilt or move the phone much as this can move moisture around in inaccessible areas causing further damage.

Step 3
If a vacuum is available, use it on the phone for about 20 minutes in an attempt to suck out more moisture. DO NOT use a blow dryer on your phone, even on the cooler settings. Not only can the heat cause further damage by melting components, but the forced air can push water further into the phone and the condensation caused by the heat can also compound your troubles.

Step 4
Place your phone and the other components including the battery in a sealed container that has been filled with uncooked rice. Make sure that the phone is covered by the rice. DO NOT DISTURB for three days. That may seem like a long time but when you consider how much you spent on your phone it lessens the pain.

Step 5
After the waiting period, remove the phone from the rice and lay on a clean, dry paper towel for several hours. Check it every couple of hours to see if it is still dry.

Step 6
Once you are SURE that there is no sign of moisture replace the battery and put it back together. Now after doing a quick dance for the phone gods try powering it up. If it works you are probably good to go. If it still isn’t working check to see if the battery is bad by removing the battery and plugging the charger in. If it works using that method you may just need a new battery from your local Atlanta phone repair company.

Before you toss your phone out it is well worth the effort it takes to bring it into your local Lifeline Repair store and let them take a look at it. Their experienced technicians can determine if the phone can be repaired. As experts in the field they are the premier stop for cell phone repair in Atlanta. Remember, act fast and act smart, and you may avoid replacing an expensive cell phone.