One issue which cell phone repair services cannot address effectively relates to responsible phone management planning. LifeLine Your Tech Team urges customers to carefully consider issues relating to cell phone security. This subject proves especially important in the case of spouses who may require emergency access to one another’s cell phones in the event of an incapacitating accident or a death.

Repair Services Won’t Unlock Phones

First, consider that a cell phone repairer often lacks the ability to unlock a cell phone for a customer. It remains vitally important to protect the integrity of secure information, of course. Yet estate planning experts today frequently recommend their clients make some types of sensitive information available to authorized legal guardians or spouses during emergencies. The passwords required to unlock cell phones fall into this category.

An Illustration

For example, consider the problems faced by someone whose spouse suffers an unexpected medical emergency. If the patient winds up in a coma, family members may need to obtain information about bills deducted regularly from online accounts. Unless the couple made arrangements to share cell phone access with one another, a spouse might not know the identities of regular cyber creditors, or the locations of critical personal or work-related documents stored “in the cloud”. Stopping unwanted automatic payments during the medical crisis might prove difficult or impossible. Can you reasonably expect a cell phone repairer to resolve this problem for you? No.

Obtain Qualified Planning Advice Before Emergencies Arise

Many experts urge spouses to plan ahead to provide cell phone access to one another during certain emergencies. Spouses sometimes decide to entrust one another directly with this sensitive data. As more households rely on automated online payment services, it may prove important for both spouses to possess access to each other’s phones.

Repairers Cannot Assume Responsibility For Unlocking Cell Phones

Companies which offer repair services for mobile devices typically won’t assist customers by unlocking cell phones without legal permission to do so. For this reason, it makes sense to engage in advance planning for cell phone access during emergencies. One smart way to accomplish this goal involves writing down critical passwords and cell phone access information. Keep this list in a secure location, such as a bank safe deposit box. Providing a means for others to access your cell phone sometimes proves vitally important today.