Most mobile phone users realize poor cell phone reception sometimes mimics a device malfunction. Even highly skilled cell phone repair technicians may not resolve these concerns 100% of the time. In many cases, simply relocating the phone a short distance away will indeed correct the problem. It helps to remember a wide array of environmental factors potentially impede cell phone performance. Consider some of these possible scenarios:

  1. Low Batteries: A low battery sometimes impairs cell phone transmissions. Try recharging or replacing the battery before assuming you need to seek repair services.
  2. Topography: This problem frequently impacts cell phone use over the road. If the nearest cell phone tower stands on the opposite site of a thick, towering mountain, reception difficulties will often ensue.
  3. Cosmic Events: Solar flares sometimes disrupt mobile phones and other telecommunications devices on Earth. This type of interference often occurs without much advance notice.
  4. Powerful Magnets: Rarely, cell phone owners attempt to use mobile devices while standing next to extremely powerful magnets. Don’t make this mistake!
  5. “Dead” Zones: Some rural areas still do not receive coverage by service providers. Reception in these locations proves spotty.
  6. Subterranean Usage: Engineers must specifically wire subterranean locations in order for these sites to obtain dependable cell phone services. If you enjoy spelunking in remote locations, don’t count on your cell phone alone to help you summon assistance if an emergency arises!
  7. Building Materials: Surprisingly, many types of widely used building materials hold the potential to impede cell phone signals. Some times of energy efficient glass and most metals reportedly interfere with clear signal transmission.
  8. Weather Interference: Occasionally, adverse weather events also interefere with clear cell phone reception. A lightning storm or heavy cloud cover might actually make a difference in the clarity of the reception.
  9. Cell Tower Placement: Although more significant a few years ago, cell phone tower placement issues do still arise sometimes today. Travelers may notice cell phone reception deteriorating as they move away from a cell phone tower.