Today, vital social and environmental issues inform public debates involving the electronics industry. Lifeline Your Tech Team endeavors to help inform customers about some of these pressing concerns. One of the most important relates to the topic of electronic waste. Just like noise pollution a few decades ago, this subject has only recently begun attracting widespread attention in the United States.

Electronic Waste

The rapid rise of the Internet transformed global commerce. Yet this change also generated massive quantities of electronic gadgets and mobile devices (including cell phones). Discarded technology currently composes an increasingly significant sector of waste products in many places. By 2020, some experts predict European Union nations alone will produce in excess of 12 million tons of electronic waste!

Repair Services as a Partial Solution?

The rise of cell phone repair services offers at least a partial solution for some practical disposal problems created by the production of massive numbers of electronic devices. Instead of simply tossing out their cell phones, for example, some households effectively recycle these devices by seeking repair assistance. Components from irreparably broken phones may gain a useful second life when repairers use these materials to help fix damaged units. Some advocates in the “right to repair” debate focus upon the benefits this process holds in terms of a more sustainable environmental model for electronics use.

A Potentially Profitable Strategy For Charitable Fundraising Drives

Indeed, electronics recycling efforts hold a silver lining of sorts for many nonprofit organizations seeking creative fundraising ideas. Recently, some organizations have begun accepting electronic waste items to use for recycling purposes, for example. Taking this step may allow a nonprofit to raise funds by selling electronic items for salvage. It also often provides components to permit the reconstruction and/or repair of damaged phones and computers donated to needy individuals or charitable centers. Either way, this strategy represents a “win-win” from a sustainability standpoint!

An Important Personal Decision

Ultimately, every consumer of cell phone products may need to decide whether to discard, repair, or recycle electronic waste. While repairing aging phones may seem like a modest step in promoting a more sustainable environmental future, taking this action does nevertheless contribute towards that long term goal. How to handle high volumes of electronic waste in an increasingly fast-paced, Internet-connected world concerns growing numbers of people today.