Today, people sometimes shop for mobile devices as gifts for others. For instance, a son or a daughter might decide to purchase a cell phone as a useful means of helping an aging mom or dad remain in closer touch with family and friends. If you rely upon a specific make and model of phone extensively during your daily life, should you automatically purchase the same trusted technology for your gift recipient?

Consider Customizing Cell Phone Gifts

Consumers sometimes select a particular brand of cell phone as a gift due to loyalty to the manufacturer. If you know the device works well and contains useful features, you may feel tempted to share this technology with other people. On the other hand, some strong reasons exist for resisting this impulse. Instead, consider tailoring your gift to fit the needs of the individual who will actually use the device.

Today, a large number of reputable manufacturers offer a variety of excellent mobile phones. Yet an elderly person and a junior high school student will probably employ a cell phone quite differently on a daily basis. Teenagers who have grown up around high tech devices often understand these tools more intuitively than seniors.

Cell Phones For Baby Boomers

For example, if someone wishes to assist an aging parent in contacting others, the best mobile phone for this purpose may differ somewhat from phones used by teenagers and Millennials. If an elderly parent cannot access a virtual screen easily, the odds remain high the device won’t receive extensive use. (It might not even assist the senior very much during an emergency.) Sometimes older people suffer from impaired hearing or vision. They may also lack manual dexterity, due to arthritis or other physical conditions.

Fortunately, a growing number of manufacturers have developed phones specifically designed to accommodate the needs of older generations.(1,2) People who give cell phones as gifts to seniors may also find it useful to recommend a specific cell phone repair service. Consider writing down the phone number of a good repair technician and attaching this label to the exterior of the cell phone itself. You might also want to place the number conveniently on speed dial inside the device. If your gift recipient ever does require rapid phone repair assistance, they will enjoy easy access to reliable services this way.


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