The video game industry is very prevalent in the United States. Having a now four decade long history, it is estimated that 50% of households in the country have at least one console, with a majority of them owning two. The current market is dominated by Microsoft and Sony, although Nintendo still has a sizable consumer base. Interestingly enough, it was the latter that ruled the world in 80s and 90s, and it also catered to a diverse crowd of customers. From sports to action/adventure to kid-friendly games, there was no genre Nintendo left untouched. As the times changed, however, Xbox and PlayStation took over certain sectors and have pushed their predecessor to the wayside.

The Growth of the Video Game Industry

Many people blame violent and graphic video games for bad behavior and reckless attitudes, a fear that has led many to keep consoles out of their homes. Although it is certainly not accurate to place the blame solely on the video game industry, there is no doubting the adult elements that are present in modern games. If you have children, knowing what console to choose for your family is very important. Bear in mind that the popularity of these devices has led to substantial growth of tablets as well, a market that is geared towards children with games like Angry Birds. Mobile gaming is also growing in popularity, but this will likely not be a concern for parents of young children. If you do have one of these devices, particularly an Apple product (due to the price), you should consider hiring an Iphone repair firm; at any rate, choosing the best console will your family will depend on a few factors.

What Console is best for Your Family?

  • When it comes to kid-friendly consoles, Nintendo’s Wii trumps Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. Nintendo began gearings its games in this direction at the turn of the millennium, and it has since expanded these operations extensively. The replay value of the Wii and the family-fun orientation it has acquired makes it ideal for any household with children.
  • Xbox and PS3 do have child-safety features, however, which make them notable contenders. You can customize the console’s setting to allow the playing of only certain titles.
  • What is your budget and who will be playing the console the most? The Wii is cheaper than its counterparts, so this is worth considering. It should also be noted that game selection is hindered for this system, which means there are not many “adult” titles to choose from. Simply put, are you or your children going to be playing more?
  • What options/features do you want? The popularity of the Xbox 360 and PS3 product lines are the wealth of features they come pre-equipped with. From online play to Blu-ray capabilities (in Sony’s case) to wireless media syncing, you will need to decide whether these are options you can live without.