Since the initial launch of smartphones, it seems every couple of months a new model is coming out. Since there are plenty of consumers out there who simply have to the latest and greatest, there are also millions of unused devices collecting dust that are actually worth quite a bit of money. 

Get Top Dollar for Your Old Devices

Consumer electronics are not known to hold their value for very long, which is why it is in your best benefit to sell last year’s model as soon as possible. At LifeLine, we believe every smartphone deserves a second chance, which is why we are proud to say we will soon be offering an online service where people can buy and sell pre-owned devices free of charge.

There is no need to post an ad in a local Craigslist classified or accept the super low rate your wireless carrier is offering (trust us, these device trade-in/exchange programs typically offer sellers a fraction of the value).

The platform will be designed specifically for people interested in collecting some cash for old or unused phones, tablets and handhelds and for those looking to buy from a reputable source. You always have to be extra careful when purchasing used electronics; buyers oftentimes have to take the seller’s word with regard to the product’s condition and use.

For your convenience, this new service (which should be live in the coming month) can be accessed via our company website. Simply click on the appropriate link and you will be directed on how to proceed. We will take all measures to ensure listings are valid and accurate so as to prevent any potential scams that plague classified listings in general.

Need cell phone repair in Atlanta? You can still sell that non-working smartphone; just bring it into one of our Atlanta iPhone repair shops before listing. We offer competitive rates and fast service. Do not assume there is no point in hassling with a malfunctioning device, because it could very well be a quick and simple fix.