Despite the sleek, stylish talking trend that has dominated the globe, cellphones still give us grief from time to time. Many of us forget that the handheld device we often mistreat on the daily is incredibly expensive. You would be hard-pressed to find a new smartphone priced under $200 these days, and that figure is on the low side. Devices dubbed the cream of the crop, such as Apple’s new iPhone 5c and 5s line, cost easily double this amount.

Needless to say, it’s important to take extra special care of your device because we all know how stressful it can be to go without a phone. Mobile device problems come in many forms, and some are far worse than others. The point is to avoid any issue at all costs, even if your device is protected under a warranty program. Manufacturers charge fairly high repair and replacement fees, so it’s best to play it smart. As a helpful word of advice, you are better off going to a third-party Atlanta iPhone repair shop for most standard services.

Anyone who has ever had a scratched screen knows how annoying it can be. Every time you look down at your phone, you are presented with an unsightly groove. A scratch may or may not comprise the structural integrity of your device, but it will certainly make it harder to see what you are doing. If the issue is severe enough, our Atlanta phone repairs can swap the screen with a new one. You will not even be able to tell there was ever a problem! Once done, we highly recommend investing in a quality screen cover. As cheap as they are, buying in bulk is not a bad option either.

Water damage is another top phone ailment, and for many, it sends their phone to a watery grave. Take it from our Atlanta iPhone repairpros — hope is still available. Quickly retrieve the device, remove the battery (if possible) and SD card, then place all of these items in a bowl of dry rice. The latter will absorb the moisture and potentially restore the phone to normal condition.

If your attempts to fix scratches, cracks or water damage have been to no avail, call the Atlanta phone repair experts at LifeLine today!