Despite the release iOS 8, many iPhone users still continue to use its predecessor. Whether due to the storage size of 8 or just out of pure laziness, the decision to keep 7 in tow is one that is often met with plenty of headaches.

Every operating system has kinks that need to be ironed out during development, and iOS 7 is no exception. More than likely, you have encountered at least a few of the telltale troubles the now-old iOS brought forth, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to fixing your iPhone 5’s iOS 7 bugs. Remember to use our Atlanta phone repair service for any hardware-related failures you experience.

Common Problems with iOS 7

iMessage is the iPhone’s premium WiFi-integrated text messaging platform, but it is notorious for not delivering to recipients. More often than not, your phone has its fair share of texts floating somewhere in limbo, and that is definitely not cool! iOS 8 fixed the problem, but you can also get around it by going to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings. Rebooting your phone will refresh the network and find those lost texts.

What is the point of a locked screen if someone can easily get past it? Multiple security vulnerabilities are a pretty big deal. Fortunately, you only have to have 7.0.2 or higher to avoid this potential pitfall. As an extra measure, disable Siri on the lock screen by going to Settings-General-Passcode Lock and disable the “Allow access when locked” function.

Just as frustrating is when apps like Snapchat and Mailbox automatically log you out for no reason. This problem is the result of iOS 7’s background app refresh system. Nearly every developer has created an internal update to counter the issue, but you can disable the ones that are still acting up by accessing Settings-General-Background App Refresh.

Other problems we can help you with include audio app crashing upon the receipt of a text or call as well as Google Chrome’s infamous Icognito Mode breach. If your smartphone has suffered physical damage, get in touch with the Atlanta phone repairteam at LifeLine today. We specialize in iPhone repair in Atlanta and affordable screen replacements.