The Apple iPhone is a well-engineered smartphone model, so it’s not too surprising to run into people who still have an older iPhone 3G that’s running fine and has never needed repairs of any kind, even after all those years. However, some other iPhone owners aren’t so lucky. Here are some of the top reasons why iPhones are brought in for professional repairs:

Damaged Screen

The iPhone’s screen has been designed with some degree of damage resistance in mind, but this doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible. Smartphone screens sometimes get scratched or broken by accident when the device is dropped on a hard surface. A company offering professional iPhone repair services can help you by making repairs to the screen if the damage is minor or by replacing it entirely.

Battery Losing Its Ability to Hold a Charge

Just like any rechargeable battery, the one inside your iPhone will start wearing out from the moment you first used your mobile device. This becomes apparent after it goes through several hundred charge and discharge cycles, as you notice that it just doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to. In that case, the solution is to have the battery replaced with a new one.

Buttons Falling Out or No Longer Working

Your iPhone’s home, power of side volume buttons are made up of several mechanical components working together to ensure proper function. These components are prone to wearing out over time and may also get damaged by accident. If you notice that you must press a button harder than usual or try several times before it works, it’s a good sign that your iPhone needs some repair work done on it. If your device is out of warranty, the good news is that replacing or repairing the buttons is usually a simple fix that doesn’t cost too much.

Problems With Connectors, Jacks and Ports

While the various jacks, ports and connectors on the iPhone have evolved in terms of type and design as Apple released new models of the smartphone, there’s still one thing they all share in common: the potential to malfunction. It’s not uncommon for a charge port, dock connector or headphone jacks to start having problems after your phone has been used for several years. Repair technicians can make adjustments to internal components that may have come loose with time or replace certain parts when necessary to fix the issue.

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