Most computer retailers will say that an average computer or laptop will last about two years. However, some manage to keep their computer in working condition for much longer. Here’s some tips for making your computer last.

Keep it Cool

Overheating causes computer components to burn. For a desktop, make sure the computer is in a place where the air circulates. For a laptop, put it on a hard, cool surface. Putting a laptop on the lap or on other fabrics just traps heat.

Keep it Clean

Be sure to clean the fan if you see dust and other particle build up. If the fan isn’t working properly, the computer can shut down regularly to prevent overheating. With keyboards, soda and food particles can build up under the keys until they stick. Particles on a laptop screen can scratch and crack the screen when the laptop is shut. To avoid these issues, don’t keep fluids or food too close. If it’s needed, place it on a nearby shelf or TV tray.

Protect It

There’s more than one way you need to protect your computer.

  • Physically protect the computer from thieves. A computer can’t last if you don’t have it. Don’t leave a computer unattended.
  • Online threats can also destroy your computer. Install an antivirus. Don’t download from unknown websites. Use a password.
  • A surge protector, or power strip, keeps computers from burning due to power spikes caused by thing like lightening strikes and power outages.

Update the Software

Updates are offered to improve usability, fix bugs, and address security problems. Many computers will automatically update. If that setting is off, the toolbar shows notifications for available updates. Check those regularly.

Know When To Ask For Help

There are times when you don’t know how or why the problem exists. In this case, it may be tempting to dig in and solve the problem yourself. Keep in mind that doing that without having the necessary knowledge can just cause more problems as you randomly change settings and remove computer components. Know when to seek out an expert in computer repair.

All of these tips can help your computer last longer than the average. So, practice maintaining and updating your computer, and know when to seek help. It will save you time and money.
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