Although computer repair and computer coding software games cannot substitute for actual repair and coding services, these fantasy programs do serve a valuable educational purpose. They help many players gain familiarity with Information Technology and important related terminology.

As a company furnishing dependable repair services for computers and mobile devices, Lifeline Your Tech Team pays close attention to these useful resources. This brief article describes some available games designed to help people learn more about repairing computers or coding software programs and apps. Learners sometimes discover aptitudes in IT fields by playing educational games.

  1. PC Building Simulator

    PlayStation 4 players enjoy an excellent opportunity to practice building and troubleshooting computers in Cyberspace using PC Building Simulator. It offers two different modes (story based and free build). Parents and educational institutions interested in giving young people an opportunity to imagine operating a repair shop for computers should consider investing in this fun educational tool! The Free Build mode encourages players to design an ideal computer system, selecting available components currently marketed by brick-and-mortar suppliers like Intel and NVIDIA. Budding computer engineers can also enjoy this game on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

  2. TIS-100

    This video game created by Zachtronics Industries encourages players to correct corrupted computer code. It uses an imaginary 1970s Era computer as a setting. Participants can develop a computer language to fix problems. First released in 2015, this game will work well on either a Linux or Windows platform. It also functions in iPad and OS X environments. One problem for new TIS-100 players arises from the lack of tutorials within the game; play may prove frustrating for some participants outside of a supervised classroom learning environment.

  3. Computer_Repair Simulator

    This online game, somewhat similar to PC Building Simulator, encourages players to build a virtual computer. It focuses upon fixing problems with computer hardware. It functions well on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. Players learns to create a computer, assemble and disassemble components, and improve various performance issues. Reportedly, this game introduces players to desktops, laptops, and Internet connected phones. It supplies a great tool for learning about computer hardware repair issues in a fun way.

A Great Way to Learn New Skills

Today, a wide variety of educational games utilize computer simulations. Many of these tools help repair technicians learn to build computers and code software programs!