Cell phones and smartphones in particular are no longer minor purchases. Today, the initial purchase requires a considerable investment, while higher end products, like the latest iPhone model, may require a financing plan. In light of the costs associated with them, there’s a greater sense of responsibility in caring for these technological wonders, but, no matter how cautious we are, accidents do happen. That’s where Lifeline comes in.

Sometimes There Are Simple Solutions To The Most Frustrating Problems

While seeking out Lifeline for cell phone repair is recommended in cases where the problem is a complex technological issue, there are some troubles you may be able to correct yourself. In either case, most issues are common among many users and knowing their causes may help to decide the best course of action.

  1. Charging Problems – If your phone won’t take a charge or takes too long, it may be the result of water damage or a loose connection. Have you dropped or bumped your phone recently?
  2. Difficulty Sending Texts Or Making Phone Calls – If you have determined that there isn’t an issue with service disruption, there could be a glitch with the hardware or the touchscreen technology.
  3. Ghost In The Machine – More on touchscreen issues here revolves around a difficulty in getting the screen to respond to your touch or creates phantom touches. Try the simple fix, first: clean the screen and wash and dry your hands.
  4. A Lag In Switching Between Apps – There’s a simple fix for this by going into your phone’s settings and turning off the animation feature.
  5. Freezing Screens – Sometimes this is caused by a corrupted app file. You might try uninstalling the app and reinstalling an updated version. If your phone freezes without any distinctive pattern, it’s more than likely caused by internal damage to the phone and may require expert repair.

Lifeline services a wide array of cell phones from regular mobile devices to smartphones, pads, and tablets. Using state of the art technology, they can provide repairs for iPhones and other Apple products, Samsung devices, Blackberry phones, and Motorola products, just to name a short sampling.

Before recycling your broken phone and reinvesting a hefty sum in a new product, consider all your alternatives. In most cases, a simple and inexpensive repair will save you hundreds of dollars and spare you the frustration of having to re-enter your information in a new phone. Visit Cell Phone Repair Miami Kendall today!