When buying a cell phone often one of the features that can be a deal breaker is the phone’s camera capabilities, and the megapixel count is one consideration. Most of today’s cell phones offer eight megapixel technologies. Each megapixel consists of one million pixels. It would stand to reason that the more megapixels the better the picture clarity. Nokia recently released a phone that uses 41 megapixels. But does the amount of megapixels matter? Well, according to Atlanta cell phone repair pros, LifeLine Repairs, that depends on a few different factors.

If you have a camera phone that takes eight megapixel photos, but does not have a good camera sensor then your quality will suffer. The key to taking great photos using your cell phone is the size of the camera sensor. If you have a tiny sensor, your camera will not be able to take in enough light to get clear, crisp pictures no matter how many megapixels are used in the process. You may even find that a phone with a nice-sized camera sensor that only takes pictures using five megapixels may out-perform others using more megapixels. In the case of the camera sensor, size does matter. Visit a specialist in cell phone repair in Atlanta and look at the difference in the size of the camera sensors on the different makes and models.

Another option to look at is the camera phone’s image processor. The image processor converts what the megapixels and the image sensors see, into a picture. Some of the higher-end camera phones have dedicated chip that handle graphics, allowing for better processing. On lower-end phones the image processing may be done on the same chip that runs your other apps and it can affect the quality of your photos. Atlanta phone repair stores can provide you with the information that you need about individual camera’s image processing capabilities.

Another consideration when picking out your camera phone, is if you are texting the images or uploading them to use in social media because the photo is compressed into a one or two megapixel range. Make sure to take into account what you will be using your camera phone for when it comes to its capabilities to guide your choice.

Mobile technology is rapidly expanding and companies that produce camera phones are scrambling to meet customer needs with better products, improved graphics and improved picture quality. The best way to find out if the camera that you are buying can meet your needs is to seek advice from specialists in phone repair in Atlanta, Ga., such as Lifeline Repairs. The dedicated staff can discuss your available options, and by taking into consideration your needs they can help you make a choice that you will be happy with.